• There are at least 650 parcels of contaminated land that were conveyed to Alaska Native corporations under ANCSA
    There are at least 650 parcels of contaminated land that were conveyed to Alaska Native corporations under ANCSA

    By Molly Dischner, Alaska Journal of Commerce

    Throughout the state, Alaska Native corporations received contaminated lands as part of parcels conveyed under the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act. Work is planned this summer to identify the all of the contaminated sites; there are at least 650, and more being discovered, according to Maver Carey, founder of the Alaska Native Village CEO Association, which is pushing for federal help in cleaning up the land.

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  • Shareholders gathered in Chuathbaluk on June 1st for the TKC Annual Meeting. Good weather and good food provided the perfect backdrop for conducting elections, announcing awards, and drawing for prizes.

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TKC Board Declares 2015 Dividend


The Kuskokwim Corporation’s Board of Directors has declared a 2015 dividend in the amount of $3.45 per share. The Board also approved a $375 Elder Dividend for all TKC Shareholders 65 and older. Regular dividends will be distributed on or about May 15th. TKC must have a current address on file for Shareholders to receive their dividend. Update your records today!


Talent Bank Applications Now Being Accepted


The Kuskokwim Corporation wants to make sure our shareholders are prepared for the future economic development and job opportunities that could be coming to our region. You may remember that TKC collected Talent Bank applications a few years ago, but since some information and qualifications have changed, we are urging all TKC shareholders to fill out the updated application this year. It is important for shareholders who want to be considered for future employment to fill out a TKC Talent Bank application so we know who to notify when jobs become available.

The Kuskokwim Corporation and Donlin Gold Reach Historic Agreement


Anchorage, Alaska- The Kuskokwim Corporation (TKC) and Donlin Gold LLC (“Donlin Gold”) have reached an updated long term Agreement that spells out the terms and conditions around the development of the Donlin Gold project on TKC lands. The agreement includes provisions for TKC shareholder training and hiring, brings Kuskokwim River residents to the table to help ensure the continued health of the waterway and paves the way for a subsistence harvest plan in the mining area.

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"We are an Alaska Native Village corporation with the vision to be a $100 million corporation by 2015."

The Kuskokwim Corporation (TKC) was formed in 1977 when ten ANCSA (Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act) village corporations located along the middle region of the Kuskokwim River merged. The villages include Lower Kalskag, Upper Kalskag, Aniak, Chuathbaluk, Napaimute, Crooked Creek, Red Devil, Georgetown, Sleetmute and Stony River.

TKC is the mother company of TKC Development, Inc. (TKCD)

Kalskag Water Project


Visit the following KTVA Channel 11 News link for recent coverage on the Kalskag Water Project which makes fresh water available to elders in Kalskag.

Contaminated ANCSA Lands

As you may be aware, through the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (ANCSA), the Federal government conveyed to Alaska Native Corporations land and money to settle the aboriginal land claims of Alaska Native people. Congress directed the Department of the Interior to oversee the transfer of Federal lands to Alaska Native Corporations.

Richie Diehl: ‘More than ready’


Richie Diehl: ‘More than ready’ for the ‘Last Great Race’
“I’m more than ready,” Diehl said. “It’s time to do it.”

General Information


The Kuskokwim Corporation has over 3,100 shareholders (some shareholders hold class B and class A stock through inheritance) whom are bound together by a tradition rich in culture and history.

These shareholders consist primarily of Yupik Eskimos and Athabaskan Indians that are residents of, or descendants of residents, of ten villages along the Kuskokwim River.